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Welcome to Lockit2me, home of the lock 2 lock (l2l) scheme


L2L identification disk

L2L membership sticker sets are available at 2.85 per set. Displaying L2L stickers provides all the security benefits of membership for riders not wishing to become full registered members of the scheme. Each L2L sticker set contains 2 L2L stickers and the terms & conditions of the scheme.

For just 10, you can receive lifetime membership to L2L including a membership pack containing everything that you need and access to a range of discounts. This is a one off fee for a scheme that not only prevents theft of your own bike but also other bikes demonstrating what we can achieve if we all work together. Registered members get discounts on insurance and on a wide range of security equipment. Please see the partners page of the site for details.

At Lockit2me, our team are working continuously towards safeguarding our motorcycles and scooters and raising awareness about security in our community. We believe that this system is the closest thing to finding a purpose built locking post every time you park.

If you would like a summary of the L2L scheme then please click here for an amusing tour.

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The Lock 2 Lock scheme is a simple and effective way of protecting your bike against theft when parked in public places

Lock 2 Lock (L2L) is a national (UK) scheme that aims to put a stop to motorcycle and scooter theft from public places. We are bikers and we have set up this not for profit scheme because - through our own experiences we understand the problem of finding a safe place to park in public. The scheme works by encouraging members to interlock their security chains together to secure their bikes and scooters. This prevents opportunist thieves from simply lifting single bikes into vans and stealing them. By allowing its members to create a daisy chain of locked bikes, L2L effectively renders this impossible.

The simplicity of L2L is that it allows its members to tap into a security system that is already there: other bikes. Often it is difficult to find a secure object to which you can lock your motorcycle or scooter leaving you no choice but to rely on merely locking the wheel and hoping that thieves dont turn up in a van. L2L members simply display a L2L membership disc and stickers automatically giving consent to other members to interlock their locks with yours. Because only the locks are connected any member is free to unlock and leave independently.

Full Membership package.

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